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Christopher Morley

a.k.a. Christopher Darlington Morley

Author Code: ACDM

Born: May 5, 1890 - Haverford, Pennsylvania, USA

Died: Mar. 28, 1957 - Long Island, New York, USA

Educated at Haverford College and New College, Oxford, where he was a Rhodes Scholar, Morley worked as a newspaper reporter and columnist for various papers in Philadelphia and New York City. His first publication, The Eighth Sin, a volume of poems, appeared in 1912. From 1917-1918 he edited the Ladies' Home Journal. His first novel, Parnassus on Wheels appeared in 1917 and in 1919, he published The Haunted Bookshop, which became a best-seller. He was one of the founders of the Saturday Review of Literature and he also served as its editor for sixteen years. In 1934, he formed the Baker Street Irregulars, for devotees of Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes. In 1939, he published Kitty Foyle, a controversial work that became a best-seller and an Academy Award-winning film. Morley suffered a series of strokes in 1951 that left him debilitated and his work was curtailed. His other works include Pipefuls (1920), Where the Blue Begins (1922), Thunder on the Left (1925), John Mistletoe (1931), Human Being (1931), BR's Secret Passion (1935), History of an Autumn (1938), Middle Kingdom Poems (1944) and The Man Who Made Friends With Himself (1949).

eBook Code Title/Sub-Title Pub. Yr Pages File Size Type Download Format Find Printed Copy
ACDM010 An American Gentleman 1947 3 103k Article Download PDF - 'An American Gentleman' (ACDM010)   Download ePub - 'An American Gentleman' (ACDM010) Find a printed copy of An American Gentleman by Christopher Morley at AbeBooks
ACDM011 Ampersands 1938 3 107k Article Download PDF - 'Ampersands' (ACDM011)   Download ePub - 'Ampersands' (ACDM011) Find a printed copy of Ampersands by Christopher Morley at AbeBooks
ACDM009 Bedroom Suite [Play] 1923 13 141k eBook Download PDF - 'Bedroom Suite [Play]' (ACDM009)   Download ePub - 'Bedroom Suite [Play]' (ACDM009) Find a printed copy of Bedroom Suite [Play] by Christopher Morley at AbeBooks
ACDM008 Bibliodisiacs 1937 3 99k Article Download PDF - 'Bibliodisiacs' (ACDM008)   Download ePub - 'Bibliodisiacs' (ACDM008) Find a printed copy of Bibliodisiacs by Christopher Morley at AbeBooks
ACDM015 The Boswell Papers 1950 9 192k eBook Download PDF - 'The Boswell Papers' (ACDM015)   Download ePub - 'The Boswell Papers' (ACDM015) Find a printed copy of The Boswell Papers by Christopher Morley at AbeBooks
ACDM014 Confessions of an Amateur Lecturer 1923 5 107k eBook Download PDF - 'Confessions of an Amateur Lecturer' (ACDM014)   Download ePub - 'Confessions of an Amateur Lecturer' (ACDM014) Find a printed copy of Confessions of an Amateur Lecturer by Christopher Morley at AbeBooks
ACDM001 The Haunted Bookshop 1919 103 509k eBook Download PDF - 'The Haunted Bookshop' (ACDM001) Find a printed copy of The Haunted Bookshop by Christopher Morley at AbeBooks
ACDM006 Kathleen 1920 43 254k eBook Download PDF - 'Kathleen' (ACDM006) Find a printed copy of Kathleen by Christopher Morley at AbeBooks
ACDM007 Mince Pie
  163 Innocent Old Men
  Abou Ben Woodrow
  Advice to Those Visiting A Baby
  The Apple That No One Ate
  As to Rumors
  Brown Eyes and Equinoxes
  Bullied by the Birds
  Burial Service for A Newspaper Joke
  Christmas Cards
  Diary of A Publisher's Office Boy
  The Dog's Commandments
  On Doors
  Fellow Craftsmen
  On Filling An Ink-well
  Fixed Ideas
  A Good Home in the Suburbs
  Greeting to American Anglers
  If Mr. Wilson Were the Weather Man
  A Japanese Bachelor
  The Key Ring
  A Letter to Father Time
  Letters to Cynthia
  Making Marathon Safe for the Urchin
  A Marriage Service for Commuters
  A Message for Boonville
  My Magnificent System
  Old Thoughts for Christmas
  Our Mothers
  "Owd Bob"
  Sitting in the Barber's Chair
  The Smell of Smells
  Songs in A Shower Bath
  The Sunny Side of Grub Street
  Syntax for Cynics - A Grammar of the Feminine Language
  Thoughts on Setting An Alarm Clock
  The Tragedy of Washington Square
  A Tragic Smell in Marathon
  Trials of A President Traveling Abroad
  The Truth At Last - An Extract From Martha Washington's Diary
  Two Days We Celebrate
  On Unanswering Letters
  To An Unknown Damsel
  The Unnatural Naturalist
  The Urchin At the Zoo
  The Value of Criticism
  Visiting Poets
  Walt Whitman Miniatures
  What Men Live by
1919 102 486k eBook Download PDF - 'Mince Pie' (ACDM007) Find a printed copy of Mince Pie by Christopher Morley at AbeBooks
ACDM004 Parnassus on Wheels 1917 60 335k eBook Download PDF - 'Parnassus on Wheels' (ACDM004) Find a printed copy of Parnassus on Wheels by Christopher Morley at AbeBooks
ACDN012 Pipefuls
  Adventures in High Finance
  The Anatomy of Manhattan
  Brooklyn Bridge
  A City Notebook
  Confessions of A "Colyumist"
  Confessions of A Human Globule
  A Discovery
  The Downfall of George Snipe
  An Early Train
  Fall Fever
  The First Commencement Address
  First Lessons in Clowning
  Grand Avenue, Brooklyn
  Horace Traubel
  If Buying A Meal Were Like Buying A House
  In West Philadelphia
  Joyce Kilmer
  Long Island Revisited
  Meditations of A Bookseller
  Musings of John Mistletoe
  Notes on A Fifth Avenue Bus
  On Being in A Hurry
  On Going to Bed
  On Laziness
  On Making Friends
  On Visiting Bookshops
  On Waiting for the Curtain to Go up
  One-Night Stands
  The Owl Train
  Passage From Some Memoirs
  Pershing in Philadelphia
  Pine Street
  Ridge Avenue
  Safety Pins
  Silas Orrin Howes
  Sunday Morning
  Surf Fishing
  Teaching the Prince to Take Notes
  Thoughts on Cider
  Three Hours for Lunch
  Two Days Before Christmas
  The University and the Urchin
  Venison Pasty
  Vesey Street
  The World's Most Famous Oration
1920 95 587k eBook Download PDF - 'Pipefuls' (ACDN012)   Download ePub - 'Pipefuls' (ACDN012) Find a printed copy of Pipefuls by Christopher Morley at AbeBooks
ACDM002 Shandygaff
  17 Heriot Row
  The American House of Lords
  The Art of Walking
  A Casual of the Sea
  Confessions of A Smoker
  Cotswold Winds
  Don Marquis
  Frank Confessions of A Publisher's Reader
  A Friend of Fitzgerald
  The Haunting Beauty of Strychnine
  Hay Febrifuge
  The Head of the Firm
  The Hilarity of Hilaire
  The Last Pipe
  The Literary Pawnshop
  The Man
  A Morning in Marathon
  My Friend
  An Oxford Landlady
  "Peacock Pie"
  A Poet of Sad Vigils
  A Question of Plumage
  Rupert Brooke
  The Skipper
  Time to Light the Furnace
  A Venture in Mysticism
  William McFee
1918 115 594k eBook Download PDF - 'Shandygaff' (ACDM002) Find a printed copy of Shandygaff by Christopher Morley at AbeBooks
ACDM003 Songs For a Little House
  The 5:42
  After Hearing German Music
  America, 1917
  In Memory of the American Aviators Killed in France
  Animal Crackers
  Ars Dura
  Ballad of French Rivers
  Ballad of New Amsterdam
  Bayberry Candles
  The Cedar Chest
  For the Centenary of Keats's Sonnet (1816)
  A Charm
  The Church of Unbent Knees
  The Commercial Traveller
  Dead Ships
  At the Dog Show
  Elegy Written in A Country Coal-bin
  England, July 1913
  On First Looking Into A Subway Excavation
  The Flags on Fifth Avenue
  To A French Baby
  Full Moon
  The Furnace
  To A Grandmother
  A Grub Street Recessional
  Hay Fever - If Amy Lowell Had it
  Hay Fever - If Edgar Lee Masters Had it
  Hay Fever - If Hilaire Belloc Had it
  Hay Fever - If Rudyard Kipling Had It
  In Honour of Taffy Topaz
  Hymn to the Dairymaids on Beacon Street
  I Have No Hope to Make You Live in Rhyme
  The Last Sonnet
  Light Verse
  To the Little House
  The Madonna of the Curb
  Mar Quong, Chinese Laundryman
  March 1915
  The Milkman
  Moons We Saw At Seventeen
  The Moon-Sheep
  To All My Friends
  My Pipe
  My Wife
  The New Altman Building
  O Praise Me Not the Country
  O. Henry - Apothecary
  The Old Swimmer
  One Moment, Please
  To the Oxford Men in the War
  Peasant and King
  Peter Pan
  For the Present Time
  Reading Aloud
  To Rudyard Kipling
  Secret Laughter
  Six Weeks Old
  Till Twiston Went
  Two O'clock
  To A U-boat
  On Vimy Ridge
  The Wakeful Husband
  Washing the Dishes
  The Wedded Lover
  When All My Trivial Rhymes Are Blotted Out
  At the Women's Clubs
  To You, Remembering the Past
  The Young Mother
1917 75 256k eBook Download PDF - 'Songs For a Little House' (ACDM003) Find a printed copy of Songs For a Little House by Christopher Morley at AbeBooks
ACDM013 Tales From a Rolltop Desk
  Advice to to Lovelorn
  The Battle of Manila Envelopes
  The Climacteric
  The Commutation Chophouse
  The Curious Case of Kenelm Digby
  Gloria and the Garden of Sweden
  The Pert Little Hat
  The Prize Package
  Punch and Judy
  Referred to the Author
  Urn Burial
1921 90 419k eBook Download PDF - 'Tales From a Rolltop Desk' (ACDM013)   Download ePub - 'Tales From a Rolltop Desk' (ACDM013) Find a printed copy of Tales From a Rolltop Desk by Christopher Morley at AbeBooks
ACDM005 Where the Blue Begins 1922 68 369k eBook Download PDF - 'Where the Blue Begins' (ACDM005) Find a printed copy of Where the Blue Begins by Christopher Morley at AbeBooks

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