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Author Code: XANT

Consists of various anthologies, the contents of which are represented by sub-titles.

eBook Code Title/Sub-Title Pub. Yr Pages File Size Type Download Format Find Printed Copy
XANT003 Devil's Stories
  Belphagor - Niccolo Machiavelli
  Bon-Bon - Edgar Allan Poe
  The Demon Pope - Richard Garnett
  The Devil - Maxim Gorky
  The Devil and the Old Man - John Masefield
  The Devil and Tom Walker - by Washington Irving
  The Devil in A Nunnery - Francis Oscar Mann
  Devil-Puzzlers - Frederick Beecher Perkins
  The Devil's Mother-in-law - Fernan Caballero
  The Devil's Round - Charles Deulin
  The Devil's Wager - William Makepeace Thackeray
  From the Memoirs of Satan - Wilhelm Hauff
  The Generous Gambler - Charles Pierre Baudelaire
  The Legend of Mont St.Michel - Guy De Maupassant
  Lucifer - Anatole France
  Madam Lucifer - Richard Garnett
  The Painter's Bargain - William Makepeace Thackeray
  The Printer's Devil
  St. John's Eve - Nikolai Vasilevich Gogol
  The Three Low Masses - Alphonse Daudet
1921 146 598k eBook Download PDF - 'Devil's Stories' (XANT003)   Download ePub - 'Devil's Stories' (XANT003) Find a printed copy of Devil's Stories by  Anthologies at AbeBooks
XANT005 Lords of the Housetops
  The Afflictions of An English Cat - Honore De Balzac
  The Black Cat - Edgar Allan Poe
  The Blue Dryad - G.H. Powell
  Calvin - Charles Dudley Warner
  The Cat - Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
  Dick Baker's Cat - Mark Twain
  A Friendly Rat - W.H. Hudson
  Gipsy - Booth Tarkington
  Madame Jolicoeur's Cat - Thomas A. Janvier
  Monty's Friend - William Livingstone Alden
  A Psychical Invasion - Algernon Blackwood
  The Queen's Cat - Peggy Bacon
  Zut - Guy Wetmore Carryl
1921 99 493k eBook Download PDF - 'Lords of the Housetops' (XANT005)   Download ePub - 'Lords of the Housetops' (XANT005) Find a printed copy of Lords of the Housetops by  Anthologies at AbeBooks
XANT004 Masterpieces of Negro Eloquence
  The Duty and Responsibility of the Anglo-Saxon Idea of Citizenship - W. Justin Carter
  Abraham Lincoln - James L. Curtis
  Abraham Lincoln and Fifty Years of Freedom - Alexander Walters
  An Address At the Unveiling of the Robert Gould Shaw Monument - Booker T. Washington
  An Address Delivered At the Centennial Anniversary of the Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery - John Mercer Langston
  An Address Delivered At the Centennial Anniversary of the Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery - Mrs. Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
  An Address Delivered At the Opening of the Cotton States and International Exposition - Booker T. Washington
  An Address Delivered Before the House of Representatives of Massachusetts - William H. Lewis
  Address During the Presidential Campaign of 1880 - Pinkney Benton Stewart Pinchback
  Address on the Occasion of the Presentation of A Loving Cup to Hon. Joseph Benson Foraker, United States Senator - Archibald H. Grimke
  An Appeal to Our Brother in White - W.J. Gaines
  The Army As A Trained Force - Theophilus G. Steward
  The Black Woman of the South: Her Neglects and Her Needs - Alexander Crummel
  Civil Rights and Social Equality - John R. Lynch
  The Civil Rights' Bell - Robert Browne Elliot
  Crispus Attucks - George L. Ruffin
  A Defense of the Negro Race - George H. White
  Education for Manhood - Kelly Miller
  Emancipation and Racial Advancement - Ernest Lyon
  Equality of Rights for All Citizens, Black and White, Alike - Francis J. Grimke
  Father - Alexander Dumas, Fils
  A Few Remarks on Making A Life - Robert E. Jones
  The Future of the Negro Church - John C. Dancy
  In the Wake of the Coming Ages - J. Madison Vance
  Is the Game Worth the Candle? - James E. Shepard
  Liberia: Its Struggles and its Promises - Hilary Teague
  The Life of Social Service As Exemplified in David Livingstone - Alice Moore Dunbar
  Life's Morn - William C. Jason
  The Limitless Possibilities of the Negro Race - Charles W. Anderson
  A Memorial Discourse - Henry Highland Garnet
  The Negro As A Soldier - Christian A. Fleetwood
  The Negro Lawyer; His Opportunity, His Duty - W. Ashbie Hawkins
  The Negro's Part in the Redemption of Africa - Levi J. Coppin
  An Open Letter to the Educational League of Georgia - Josephine St. Pierre Ruffin
  Oration on the Occasion of the Unveiling of Freedmen's Monument - Frederick Douglass
  The Party of Freedom and the Freedmen--a Reciprocal Duty - William Sanders Scarborough
  The People of Hayti and A Plan of Emigration - Prince Saunders
  A Plea for Industrial Opportunity - Fanny Jackson Coppin
  The Political Outlook for Africa - Edward Wilmot Blyden
  Should Colored Men Be Subject to the Pains and Penalties of the Fugitive Slave Law? - Charles H. Langston
  The Social Bearings of the Fifth Commandment - James Francis Gregory
  A Solution of the Race Problem - J. Milton Waldron
  Some Elements Necessary to Race Development - Robert Russa Moton
  The Sunday-school and Church As A Solution of the Negro Problem - D. Webster Davis
  The Teachings of History Considered in Relation to Race Problems in America - Nathan F. Mossell
  Toussaint Louverture and the Haytian Revolutions - James McCune Smith
  The Training of Negroes for Social Reform - W.E.B. Du Bois
  The Two Seals - George William Cook
  What to the Slave is the Fourth of July? - Frederick Douglass
  William Lloyd Garrison: A Centennial Oration - Reverdy C. Ransom
  Young Men, to the Front! - Richard T. Greener
1914 193 846k eBook Download PDF - 'Masterpieces of Negro Eloquence' (XANT004)   Download ePub - 'Masterpieces of Negro Eloquence' (XANT004) Find a printed copy of Masterpieces of Negro Eloquence by  Anthologies at AbeBooks
XANT002 Modern Essays
  The Almost Perfect State - Don Marquis
  America and the English Tradition - Harry Morgan Ayres
  American Literature - John Macy
  Bed-books and Night-lights - H. M. Tomlinson
  Beer and Cider - George Saintsbury
  Beyond Life - James Branch Cabell
  "A Clergyman" - Max Beerbohm
  The Decline of the Drama - Stephen Leacock
  The Elements of Poetry - George Santayana
  A Familiar Preface - Joseph Conrad
  The Fifty-first Dragon - Heywood Broun
  The Fish Reporter - Robert Cortes Holliday
  A Free Man's Worship - Bertrand Russell
  Holy Ireland - Joyce Kilmer
  "The Man-o'-war's 'Er 'Usband" - David W. Bone
  The Market - William Mcfee
  Mary White - William Allen White
  The Mowing of A Field - Hilaire Belloc
  Niagara Falls - Rupert Brooke
  Nocturne - Simeon Strunsky
  O. Henry - O. W. Firkins
  On Drawing - A. P. Herbert
  On Lying Awake At Night - Stewart Edward White
  The Precept of Peace - Louise Imogen Guiney
  The Russian Quarter - Thomas Burke
  Samuel Butler: Diogenes of the Victorians - Stuart P. Sherman
  Some Historians - Philip Guedalla
  Some Nonsense About A Dog - Harry Esty Dounce
  The Student Life - William Osler
  Trivia - Logan Pearsall Smith
  Winter Mist - Robert Palfrey Utter
  A Woodland Valentine - Marian Storm
  A Word for Autumn - A. A. Milne
1921 125 702k eBook Download PDF - 'Modern Essays' (XANT002)   Download ePub - 'Modern Essays' (XANT002) Find a printed copy of Modern Essays by  Anthologies at AbeBooks
XANT001 Southern Stories
  Catching Terrapin - Alfred Kappes
  The City That Lives Outdoors - W. S. Harwood
  The Creature with No Claws - Joel Chandler Harris
  A Divided Duty - M. A. Cassidy
  The Earthquake At Charleston - Ewing Gibson
  The "Gator" - Clarence B. Moore
  Hiding Places in War Times - J. H. Gore
  His Hero - Margaret Minor
  How We Bought Louisiana - Helen Lockwood Coffin
  Jericho Bob - Anna Eichberg King
  "Locoed" - Edward Marshall
  Queer American Rivers - F. H. Spearman
  St. Augustine - Frank R. Stockton
  The "Walking-beam Boy" - L. E. Stofiel
  The Watermelon Stockings - Alice Caldwell Hegan
1907 51 402k eBook Download PDF - 'Southern Stories' (XANT001)   Download ePub - 'Southern Stories' (XANT001) Find a printed copy of Southern Stories by  Anthologies at AbeBooks
XANT006 Strange Stories of Colonial Days
  Captain Kidd - Rowan Stevens
  Cornelis Labdens Leap - G. T. Ferris
  The Crowning of Powhatan - Francis S. Drake
  A Drummer of Warburtons - Percie W. Hart
  The Girl Captain of Castle Dangerous - G. T. Lanigan
  How A Blacksmith's Boy Became A Knight - Paul Hull
  How Marc Was Made Captain - Francis Sterne Palmer
  Howard the Buccaneer - Rowan Stevens
  The Plot of Pontiac - Francis S. Drake
  Rogers' Rangers - Francis S. Drake
  Tew, of Rhode Island - Rowan Stevens
  The Sign of the Serpent - G. T. Ferris
  Tommy Ten-Canoes - Hezekiah Butterworth
  The Vrouw Van Twinkle's Krullers - Agnes Carr Sage
1907 62 514k eBook Download PDF - 'Strange Stories of Colonial Days' (XANT006)   Download ePub - 'Strange Stories of Colonial Days' (XANT006) Find a printed copy of Strange Stories of Colonial Days by  Anthologies at AbeBooks

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