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Stephen Crane

Author Code: ASCX

Born: Nov. 1, 1871 - Newark, New Jersey, USA

Died: Jun. 5, 1900 - Badenweiler, Germany

Crane worked as a free-lance writer in New York and published his first novel Maggie: A Girl of the Streets in 1893. His real success came in 1895 with his novel of the Civil War and its effect on an inexperienced soldier, The Red Badge of Courage. He published some excellent short stories in The Open Boat,and Other Tales of Adventure (1898), The Monster and Other Stories (1899) and Wounds in the Rain (1900). During the Spanish American war, Crane served as a war correspondent and also lived in England for a time. He died at the age of 28 of tuberculosis and malaria.

eBook Code Title/Sub-Title Pub. Yr Pages File Size Type Download Format Find Printed Copy
ASCX002 Active Service 1899 128 1081k eBook Download PDF - 'Active Service' (ASCX002) Find a printed copy of Active Service by Stephen Crane at AbeBooks
ASCX011 The Black Riders and Other Lines
  And You Love Me
  Behold, from the Land of the Farther Suns
  Behold, the Grave of a Wicked Man
  Black Riders Came from the Sea
  Blustering God
  Charity Thou Art a Lie
  Friend, Your White Beard Sweeps the Ground
  God Fashioned the Ship of the World Carefully
  A God in Wrath
  God Lay Dead in Heaven
  I Looked Here
  I Met a Seer
  I Saw a Man Pursuing the Horizon
  I Stood Musing in a Black World
  I Stood upon a High Place
  I Stood upon a Highway
  I Walked in a Desert
  I Was in the Darkness
  If I Should Cast off this Tattered Coat
  If There Is a Witness to My Little Life
  In a Lonely Place
  In Heaven
  In the Desert
  It Was Wrong to Do this
  A Learned Man Came to Me Once
  The Livid Lightnings Flashed in the Clouds
  Love Walked Alone
  A Man Feared That He Might Find an Assassin
  A Man Saw a Ball of Gold in the Sky
  A Man Toiled on a Burning Road
  A Man Went Before a Strange God
  Many Red Devils Ran from My Heart
  Many Workmen
  Mystic Shadow, Bending Near Me
  The Ocean Said to Me Once
  On the Horizon the Peaks Assembled
  Once I Saw Mountains Angry
  Once There Came a Man
  Once There Was a Man
  Once, I Knew a Fine Song
  Places Among the Stars
  The Sage Lectured Brilliantly
  Should the Wide World Roll Away
  A Spirit Sped
  Supposing That I Should Have the Courage
  "Tell Brave Deeds of War."
  There Came Whisperings in the Winds
  There Was a Great Cathedral
  There Was a Man and a Woman
  There Was a Man Who Lived a Life of Fire
  There Was Crimson Clash of War
  There Was One I Met upon the Road
  There Was Set Before Me a Mighty Hill
  There Was, Before Me
  There Were Many Who Went in Huddled Procession
  Think as I Think
  Three Little Birds in a Row
  Tradition, Thou Art for Suckling Children
  "Truth," Said a Traveller
  Two or Three Angels
  Upon the Road of My Life
  Walking in the Sky
  Well, Then I Hate Thee
  Why Do You Strive for Greatness, Fool?
  With Eye and with Gesture
  Yes, I Have a Thousand Tongues
  You Say You Are Holy
  A Youth in Apparel That Glittered
1895 69 253k eBook Download PDF - 'The Black Riders and Other Lines' (ASCX011) Find a printed copy of The Black Riders and Other Lines by Stephen Crane at AbeBooks
ASCX004 The Blue Hotel 1899 25 190k eBook Download PDF - 'The Blue Hotel' (ASCX004) Find a printed copy of The Blue Hotel by Stephen Crane at AbeBooks
ASCX009 The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky 1898 10 155k eBook Download PDF - 'The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky' (ASCX009) Find a printed copy of The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky by Stephen Crane at AbeBooks
ASCX013 Last Words
  "And If He Wills, We must Die."
  As to Payment of the Rent
  The Assassin in Modern Battles
  At Clancy's Wake
  The Battle of Forty Fort
  A Desertion
  A Dinner on Sunday Evening
  An Episode of War
  A Fishing Village
  Four Men in a Cave
  How the Donkey Lifted the Hills
  In the Broadway Cars
  The Kicking Twelfth
  London Impressions
  A Man by the Name of Mud
  The Mesmeric Mountain
  Minetta Lane, New York
  "Ol' Bennet" and the Indians
  An Old Man Goes Wooing
  A Poker Game
  The Reluctant Voyagers
  The Roof Gardens and Gardeners of New York
  The Royal Irish Constabulary
  A Self-Made Man
  The Shrapnel of Their Friends
  The Silver Pageant
  The Snake
  The Squire's Madness
  A Street Scene in New York
  The Surrender of Forty Fort
  A Tale About How "Great Grief" Got His Holiday Dinner
  A Tale of Mere Chance
  The Upturned Face
  The Victory of the Moon
  The Voice of the Mountain
  Why Did the Young Clerk Swear?
1902 Posthumous 133 555k eBook Download PDF - 'Last Words' (ASCX013) Find a printed copy of Last Words by Stephen Crane at AbeBooks
ASCX007 The Little Regiment & Other Episodes of the American Civil War
  A Grey Sleeve
  An Indiana Campaign
  The Little Regiment
  A Mystery of Heroism
  Three Miraculous Soldiers
  The Veteran
1896 60 321k eBook Download PDF - 'The Little Regiment & Other Episodes of the American Civil War' (ASCX007) Find a printed copy of The Little Regiment & Other Episodes of the American Civil War by Stephen Crane at AbeBooks
ASCX003 Maggie: A Girl of the Streets 1893 53 484k eBook Download PDF - 'Maggie: A Girl of the Streets' (ASCX003) Find a printed copy of Maggie: A Girl of the Streets by Stephen Crane at AbeBooks
ASCX008 Men, Women and Boats
  A Dark-Brown Dog
  A Desertion
  The Duel That Was Not Fought
  The End of the Battle
  An Episode of War
  An Experiment in Misery
  Four Men in A Cave
  London Impressions
  The Mesmeric Mountain
  The Open Boat
  The Pace of Youth
  The Reluctant Voyagers
  The Scotch Express
  The Snake
  A Tent in Agony
  Upturned Face
1921 (Posthumous) 102 505k eBook Download PDF - 'Men, Women and Boats' (ASCX008) Find a printed copy of Men, Women and Boats by Stephen Crane at AbeBooks
ASCX005 The Monster 1899 48 266k eBook Download PDF - 'The Monster' (ASCX005) Find a printed copy of The Monster by Stephen Crane at AbeBooks
ASCX001 The Red Badge of Courage 1895 97 570k eBook Download PDF - 'The Red Badge of Courage' (ASCX001) Find a printed copy of The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane at AbeBooks
ASCX012 The Third Violet 1897 88 326k eBook Download PDF - 'The Third Violet' (ASCX012) Find a printed copy of The Third Violet by Stephen Crane at AbeBooks
ASCX010 War is Kind
  And Yet I Have Seen Thee Happy with Me
  Ay, Workman, Make Me a Dream
  The Chatter of a Death-demon from a Tree-top
  Each Small Gleam Was a Voice
  Fast Rode the Knight
  Forth Went the Candid Man
  Have You Ever Made a Just Man?
  I Explain the Silvered Passing of a Ship at Night
  I Have Heard the Sunset Song of the Birches
  I Have Seen Thy Face Aflame
  I Heard Thee Laugh
  I Wonder If Sometimes in the Dusk
  The Impact of a Dollar upon the Heart
  In the Night
  A Little Ink More or Less!
  Love Met Me at Noonday
  Love, Forgive Me If I Wish You Grief
  To the Maiden
  A Man Said to the Universe
  A Newspaper Is a Collection of Half-Injustices
  On the Desert
  Once a Man Clambering to the Housetops
  Once I Saw Thee Idly Rocking
  A Slant of Sun on Dull Brown Walls
  The Successful Man Has Thrust Himself
  Tell Me Why, Behind Thee
  There Was a Land Where Lived No Violets
  There Was a Man with Tongue of Wood
  There Was One I Met upon the Road
  The Trees in the Garden Rained Flowers
  War is Kind
  The Wayfarer
  What Says the Sea, Little Shell?
  When the Prophet, a Complacent Fat Man
  You Define Me God with These Trinkets?
  You Tell Me this Is God?
1899 40 169k eBook Download PDF - 'War is Kind' (ASCX010) Find a printed copy of War is Kind by Stephen Crane at AbeBooks
ASCX006 The Whilomville Stories
  The Angel Child
  The Carriage-Lamps
  The City Urchin and the Chaste Villagers
  The Fight
  The Knife
  A Little Pilgrim
  The Lover and the Telltale
  Making An Orator
  The Revenge of the ‘Adolphus'
  Showin' Off
  The Stove
  A Tent In Agony - A Sullivan County Sketch
  The Trial, Execution, And Burial Of Homer Phelps
1899 90 442k eBook Download PDF - 'The Whilomville Stories' (ASCX006) Find a printed copy of The Whilomville Stories by Stephen Crane at AbeBooks

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