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Heinrich Heine

Author Code: GHHX

Born: Dec. 13, 1797 - Dusseldorf, Germany

Died: Feb. 17, 1856 - Paris, France

Heine had brief careers in business and law before turning to literature. In 1827, he published his Buch der Lieder (Book of Songs) of lyrical poetry which was well-received. As a liberal, Heine was disillusioned with Germany and moved to Paris in 1831. He worked as a correspondent for German newspapers and became a strong influence in the Young Germany literary movement. Heine's most well-known works include Atta Troll (1843), Deutschland (1844), Neue Gedichte (1847), Romanzero (1851) and Letze Gedichte (1853). His lyrics were extremely popular and were used by all of the major composers of his era, including Schubert, Mendelssohn and Liszt. Heine also produced many short stories and tales.

eBook Code Title/Sub-Title Pub. Yr Pages File Size Type Download Format Find Printed Copy
GHHX006 Confessions 1854 15 221k eBook Download PDF - 'Confessions' (GHHX006) Find a printed copy of Confessions by Heinrich Heine at AbeBooks
GHHX009 Don Quixote 1837 11 188k eBook Download PDF - 'Don Quixote' (GHHX009) Find a printed copy of Don Quixote by Heinrich Heine at AbeBooks
GHHX010 Florentine Nights 1837 27 251k eBook Download PDF - 'Florentine Nights' (GHHX010) Find a printed copy of Florentine Nights by Heinrich Heine at AbeBooks
GHHX007 Gods in Exile 1853 9 187k eBook Download PDF - 'Gods in Exile' (GHHX007) Find a printed copy of Gods in Exile by Heinrich Heine at AbeBooks
GHHX008 The Home Coming
  Ah! Could But A Word, and One Only
  Ah! The Eyes Are Just As Ever
  Ah! Thy Snow-white Lily Fingers
  The Blue Hussars Ride Bugling
  Breeched in His Foam-knit Waterspouts
  By Your Eyes and Your Voicewe Had Scarce Met Each Other!
  Child, it Would Be Your Undoing!
  Child, We Were Children Together
  Diamonds Thou Hast and Pearls
  Did Not My Pallid Face Betray
  Fair Domesticated Lady
  Far on the Dim Horizon
  Gods Are We When Moral Might
  Greeting to Thee, O City
  Grey-clad in Their Cloudy Mantles
  Heart, My Heart, Rest Undismayed
  High on the Hill-side Yonder
  How May Thy Sleep Be Peaceful
  I Dreamed : the Moon Was Sad of Face
  I Pass Your House Each Morning
  I Stood and Gazed on Her Picture
  I Would Have Lingered, Wooing
  In Dream I Saw My Beloved
  In the Wood I Wander, Weeping
  Is it Possible You Hate Me?
  Jesting, I, with Wanton Wooing
  The Last Low Rays of Eventide
  Let the Snow Drift on the Gale
  Like Sombre Dreams the Houses
  Like to the Sudden Moonbeam, Breaking
  Little Maid with Lips of Scarlet
  Lo! The Moon, A Giant Orange!
  Lo! Thou, My Love's White Lily
  To the Lukewarm Fainting Fashion
  The Maiden Sleeps in Her Chamber
  Man, Cease Mocking At the Devil!
  The Moon is Up and Streaming
  Most Miserable Atlas, I!
  My Heart is Vexed : with Vain Regretting
  My Heart, My Heart is Mournful
  Night Upon the Untrod Highways
  O Death, Thou Art Cool Night
  O Thou Fair Fishermaiden
  Oh, the Lies That Lurk in Kisses!
  Once You Become My Wedded Wife
  The Pale Half-moon of Autumn
  Permit Me, A Heart-sick Son O' the Muse
  The Pilgrimage to Kevlaar
  Sapphires Are Those Eyes of Thine
  Say, Where is Thy Maid, Whom Loving
  Seldom Could You Understand me
  So Here I Am in the Well-known Streets!
  Some There Be That Make Their Prayer
  Still is the Night; the Streets Are Sleeping
  The Storm Pipes Up for Dancing!
  The Sun Has Already Climbed Over the Mountains
  They Have Company this Evening
  They Think That My Heart, From Anguish
  They Wasted Much Good Counsel on me
  This Solitary Tear-drop
  Thou Art So Like A Flower
  Thou Hast Wounded My Lips with Thy Kisses so
  On A Time A Gentle Presence
  The Twilight of the Gods
  Twilight of the Summer Even
  Upon Thy Snow-white Shoulder
  On the Walls of Salamanca
  When As Night Falls About me
  When She Clasps Me with Amorous Arms, My Being
  Whoso for the First Time Loves
  Worthy Friend, You Are in Love
  Years Come and Go, and Mortals
1824 76 258k eBook Download PDF - 'The Home Coming' (GHHX008) Find a printed copy of The Home Coming by Heinrich Heine at AbeBooks
GHHX012 Lafayette 1833 6 161k eBook Download PDF - 'Lafayette' (GHHX012) Find a printed copy of Lafayette by Heinrich Heine at AbeBooks
GHHX004 Lyrical Intermezzo
  And If Only the Little Flowers
  And So Thou Hast Forgotten Wholly
  The Autumn Wind Rustles the Tree-tops
  Beloved, We Were Sitting Together
  Cologne, the Great, the Holy
  The Crimson Rose of the Cheek A-glow
  The Dream-god Led Me to A Castle Tall
  The Earth is So Fair and the Sky is So Blue
  Everywhere the Deepest, Drearest
  Far North There Stands A Pine-tree
  Fetch Me A Mighty Coffin
  For Many Thousand Ages
  From Out the Tears of My Sorrow
  Glorious Golden Stars Above
  Great is My Infinite Woe
  I Blame Thee Not, Love Ever Lost to Me!
  I Dreamed - and I Was Weeping
  I Dreamed of A Monarch's Child, Whose Face
  I Will Breathe My Soul O'er the Rim
  If I Should Hear the Ditty
  Lay Thou Thy Cheek Against My Cheek
  Lo! All the Flowers Are Watching
  The Lotus Groweth Uneasy
  My Love, in its Mournful Splendour
  No Heaven Do I Believe in
  O Wherefore is the Rose So Pale?
  Oh! Could I But the Footstool be
  The Old Dream Comes Once More to Me
  Poisoned the Songs I Am Singing
  See Where A Star is Falling
  Silent and Cold the Midnight Fell
  Since My Dearest Went From Me
  The Sun and the Lily, the Rose and the Dove
  Swear Not, But Kiss Me!
  Sweet, To-day We'll Talk Together!
  They Have Vexed Me, They Have Plagued Me
  To Me Each Night, As in Dream I Lie
  To-day Warm Summer Lieth
  The Topic Was "Love"! They Discussed it
  ‘Twas in the Magic of the May
  Upon Mine Eyes the Night Lay
  When As I Look Within Thine Eyes
  When Two That Have Loved Are Parting
  Where Four Ways Meet, Lies Buried
  Where Holy Ganges Floweth
  A While Ago I Saw Thy Face
  A White Hand, Beckoning, Calls Me
  The World is Dull, the World is Blind!
  Yea, Thou Art Desolate: I Blame Not Thee
  You Love Me Not, You Love Me Not
  A Youth Doth Love A Maiden
1822-1823 53 225k eBook Download PDF - 'Lyrical Intermezzo' (GHHX004) Find a printed copy of Lyrical Intermezzo by Heinrich Heine at AbeBooks
GHHX001 The Rabbi of Bacharach 1840 18 207k eBook Download PDF - 'The Rabbi of Bacharach' (GHHX001) Find a printed copy of The Rabbi of Bacharach by Heinrich Heine at AbeBooks
GHHX005 Religion and Philosophy in Germany 1834 16 209k eBook Download PDF - 'Religion and Philosophy in Germany' (GHHX005) Find a printed copy of Religion and Philosophy in Germany by Heinrich Heine at AbeBooks
GHHX011 The Romantic School 1835 8 159k eBook Download PDF - 'The Romantic School' (GHHX011) Find a printed copy of The Romantic School by Heinrich Heine at AbeBooks
GHHX003 The Sorrows of Youth
  All Within Me Sings of Loving
  Beloved, Come Lay Thy Small Hand on My Heart
  Clad in Many A Shape, I Linger
  The Errand
  Eyes, Like Lovely Mortal Stars!
  Of Foolish Girls I Ever Thought
  The Grenadiers
  I Arise At Morn, A-sighing
  I Dreamed of Rapture That to Love Belongs
  I Dreamed, and Lo! My Dream Was Blent
  I Lay and Slept, Right Soft I Slept
  I Thought on Her Throughout the Day
  I Would the Songs I'm Singing
  I'll Walk Where the Woods Are Green, and Where
  It is A Cause for Laughter
  It Makes A Man Most Happy
  The Minnesingers
  In My Father's Garden, in Secret, Grew
  My Heart Thrills, When I Visit Her
  Once I Thought ‘Twas Past All Bearing
  Overhead, Where Stars Burn Purely
  Rede Me this Yellow Rose Aright!
  The Song of Rue
  The Song of the Ducats
  The Springtide is Green on the Meadow
  In A Sweet Dream, What Time the Night
  A Throng of Pallid Corpses
  Under the Trees We Wandered
  When Young Hearts Break, the Stars
1817-1821 38 207k eBook Download PDF - 'The Sorrows of Youth' (GHHX003) Find a printed copy of The Sorrows of Youth by Heinrich Heine at AbeBooks
GHHX002 Travel Pictures
  On the Brocken
  On the Hardenberg
  The Herd Boy
  The Ilse
  A Mountain Idyll
1824 11 158k eBook Download PDF - 'Travel Pictures' (GHHX002) Find a printed copy of Travel Pictures by Heinrich Heine at AbeBooks

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