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Kahlil Gibran

a.k.a. Jubran Kahlil Jubran

Author Code: OKGX

Born: Jan. 6, 1883 - Bsharri, Lebanon

Died: Apr. 10, 1931 - New York City, New York, USA

After receiving basic education in Lebanon, Gibran and his family emigrated to Boston in 1895. Returning to Lebanon in 1898 for further education at Beirut's Institute of Wisdom, Gibran became proficient in Arabic. He returned to Boston in 1903 and published his first works consisting of essays in al-Mujahir, an Arab-language newspaper. Gibran studied in Paris before settling in New York City in 1912. In 1920, Gibran and others founded the Pen League (ar-Rabitah al-Qalamiyah). Most of his work was in Arabic such as Dam'ah wa ibtisamah (1914) and al-Awasif (1923) - later translated as A Tear and a Smile (1950) and The Storms (1923). His best known works in English include The Madman (1918), The Forerunner (1920), The Prophet (1923), Sand and Foam (1926) and Jesus, the Son of Man (1928). On his death, his remains were returned to Lebanon in accordance wih his wishes.

eBook Code Title/Sub-Title Pub. Yr Pages File Size Type Download Format Find Printed Copy
OKGX003 The Broken Wings
  Before the Throne of Death
  Between Christ and Ishtar
  Entrance to the Shrine
  The Hand of Destiny
  The Lake of Fire
  The Rescuer
  The Sacrifice
  Silent Sorrow
  The Tempest
  The White Torch
1912 31 265k eBook Download PDF - 'The Broken Wings' (OKGX003)   Download ePub - 'The Broken Wings' (OKGX003) Find a printed copy of The Broken Wings by Kahlil Gibran at AbeBooks
OKGX006 The Earth Gods 1931 Posthumous 14 164k eBook Download PDF - 'The Earth Gods' (OKGX006)   Download ePub - 'The Earth Gods' (OKGX006) Find a printed copy of The Earth Gods by Kahlil Gibran at AbeBooks
OKGX011 The Forerunner
  Beyond My Solitude
  The Dying Man and the Vulture
  The Forerunner
  God's Fool
  The Greater Self
  The King of Aradus
  The King-Hermit
  Knowledge and Half-knowledge
  The Last Watch
  The Lion's Daughter
  Other Seas
  Out of My Deeper Heart
  The Plutocrat
  "Said A Sheet of Snow-White Paper..."
  The Saint
  The Scholar and the Poet
  War and the Small Nations
  The Weather-cock
1920 28 198k eBook Download PDF - 'The Forerunner' (OKGX011)   Download ePub - 'The Forerunner' (OKGX011) Find a printed copy of The Forerunner by Kahlil Gibran at AbeBooks
OKGX004 The Garden of the Prophet 1933 Posthumous 17 187k eBook Download PDF - 'The Garden of the Prophet' (OKGX004)   Download ePub - 'The Garden of the Prophet' (OKGX004) Find a printed copy of The Garden of the Prophet by Kahlil Gibran at AbeBooks
OKGX013 Iram, City of Lofty Pillars [Play] 1918 13 207k eBook Download PDF - 'Iram, City of Lofty Pillars [Play]' (OKGX013)   Download ePub - 'Iram, City of Lofty Pillars [Play]' (OKGX013) Find a printed copy of Iram, City of Lofty Pillars [Play] by Kahlil Gibran at AbeBooks
OKGX008 Jesus, the Son of Man
  Ahaz the Portly the Keeper of the Inn
  Anna the Mother of Mary
  Annas the High Priest
  Assaph Called the Orator of Tyre
  Barabbas the Last Words of Jesus
  Barca - A Merchant of Tyre
  Bartholomew in Ephesus
  Benjamin the Scribe
  Birbarah of Yammouni
  Caiaphas the High Priest
  Claudius - A Roman Sentinel
  Cleopas of Bethroune
  A Cobbler in Jerusalem
  Cyborea - the Mother of Judas
  David - One of His Followers
  Elmadam the Logician
  Ephraim of Jericho
  Georgus of Beirut
  Hannah of Bethsaida the Year 73
  James the Brother of the Lord - the Last Supper
  James the Son of Zebedee
  Jephtha of Caesarea
  Joanna the Wife of Herod's Steward
  John At Patmos
  John the Baptist to One of His Disciples
  John the Beloved Disciple in His Old Age
  John the Son of Zebedee
  Joseph of Arimathea
  Joseph of Arimathea - Ten Years After
  Joseph Surnamed Justus
  Jotham of Nazareth to A Roman
  Judas the Cousin of Jesus
  Levi A Disciple
  A Man From Lebanon - Nineteen Centuries Afterward
  The Man From the Desert
  A Man Outside of Jerusalem of Judas
  Manasseh - A Lawyer in Jerusalem
  Mannus the Pompeiian to A Greek
  Mary Magdalen - I
  Mary Magdalen - II
  Mary Magdalen Thirty Years Later
  Matthew - the Sermon on the Mount
  Melachi of Babylon - An Astronomer
  Naaman of the Gadarenes - A Friend of Stephen
  Nicodemus the Poet - the Youngest of the Elders in the Sanhedrim
  One of the Marys
  A Persian Philosopher in Damascus
  Peter - I
  Peter - II
  Philemon - A Greek Apothecary
  A Philosopher
  Phumiah - the High Priestess of Sidon to the Other Priestesses
  Pilate's Wife to A Roman Lady
  Pontius Pilatus
  Rachael - A Woman Disciple
  Rafca the Bride of Cana
  A Rich Levi in the Neighborhood of Nazareth
  A Rich Man
  Rumanous - A Greek Poet
  Saba of Antioch
  Salome to A Woman Friend
  Sarkis An Old Greek Shepherd Called the Madman
  A Shepherd in South Lebanon
  Simon the Cyrene
  Simon Who Was Called Peter
  Susannah of Nazareth - A Neighbor of Mary
  Uriah - An Old Man of Nazareth
  A Widow in Galilee
  A Woman - One of Mary's Neighbors
  The Woman of Byblos - A Lamentation
  A Young Priest in Capernaum
1928 117 447k eBook Download PDF - 'Jesus, the Son of Man' (OKGX008)   Download ePub - 'Jesus, the Son of Man' (OKGX008) Find a printed copy of Jesus, the Son of Man by Kahlil Gibran at AbeBooks
OKGX007 Lazarus and His Beloved [Play] 1933 Posthumous 13 208k eBook Download PDF - 'Lazarus and His Beloved [Play]' (OKGX007)   Download ePub - 'Lazarus and His Beloved [Play]' (OKGX007) Find a printed copy of Lazarus and His Beloved [Play] by Kahlil Gibran at AbeBooks
OKGX016 A Life in Letters 1904-1930 57 301k eBook Download PDF - 'A Life in Letters' (OKGX016)   Download ePub - 'A Life in Letters' (OKGX016) Find a printed copy of A Life in Letters by Kahlil Gibran at AbeBooks
OKGX002 The Madman
  And When My Joy Was Born
  The Astronomer
  The Blessed City
  The Eye
  The Fox
  The Good God and the Evil God
  The Grave-Digger
  The Great Longing
  The Greater Sea
  The Madman
  My Friend
  The New Pleasure
  Night and the Madman
  On Giving and Taking
  On the Steps of the Temple
  The Other Language
  "The Perfect World"
  The Pomegranate
  Said a Blade of Grass
  The Scarecrow
  The Seven Selves
  The Sleep-Walkers
  The Three Ants
  The Two Cages
  The Two Hermits
  The Two Learned Men
  When My Sorrow Was Born
  The Wise Dog
  The Wise King
1918 36 205k eBook Download PDF - 'The Madman' (OKGX002)   Download ePub - 'The Madman' (OKGX002) Find a printed copy of The Madman by Kahlil Gibran at AbeBooks
OKGX001 The Prophet 1923 47 228k eBook Download PDF - 'The Prophet' (OKGX001)   Download ePub - 'The Prophet' (OKGX001) Find a printed copy of The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran at AbeBooks
OKGX012 Sand and Foam 1926 16 178k eBook Download PDF - 'Sand and Foam' (OKGX012)   Download ePub - 'Sand and Foam' (OKGX012) Find a printed copy of Sand and Foam by Kahlil Gibran at AbeBooks
OKGX017 Selected Poetry
  Between Night and Day
  The Day of My Birth
  Dead Are My People
  The Enchanting Houri
  My Countrymen
  The Procession
  We and You
1920-1930 33 200k eBook Download PDF - 'Selected Poetry' (OKGX017)   Download ePub - 'Selected Poetry' (OKGX017) Find a printed copy of Selected Poetry by Kahlil Gibran at AbeBooks
OKGX018 Selected Prose
  The Ambitious Violet
  Ashes of the Ages and Eternal Fire
  Behind the Garment
  The Bride's Bed
  Contemplations in Sadness
  The Crucified
  Eventide of the Feast
  Honeyed Poison
  Joy and Sorrow
  The Lonely Poet
  Madame Rose Hanie
  The Mermaids
  Secrets of the Heart
  The Tempest
1920-1930 50 303k eBook Download PDF - 'Selected Prose' (OKGX018)   Download ePub - 'Selected Prose' (OKGX018) Find a printed copy of Selected Prose by Kahlil Gibran at AbeBooks
OKGX005 Spirits Rebellious
  The Cry of the Graves
  Khalil the Heretic
  Madame Rose Hanie
1908 33 273k eBook Download PDF - 'Spirits Rebellious' (OKGX005)   Download ePub - 'Spirits Rebellious' (OKGX005) Find a printed copy of Spirits Rebellious by Kahlil Gibran at AbeBooks
OKGX010 A Tear and A Smile
  The Beauty of Death
  Before the Throne of Beauty
  The City of the Dead
  The Creation
  The Criminal
  The House of Fortune
  Laughter and Tears
  Leave Me, My Blamer
  The Life of Love
  A Lover's Call
  The Palace and the Hut
  The Playground of Life
  The Poet
  A Poet's Death is His Life
  A Poet's Voice
  Song of Fortune
  Song of Love
  Song of Man
  Song of the Flower
  Song of the Rain
  Song of the Soul
  Song of the Wave
  Two Infants
  Two Wishes
  The Widow and Her Son
  Yesterday and Today
1914 40 242k eBook Download PDF - 'A Tear and A Smile' (OKGX010)   Download ePub - 'A Tear and A Smile' (OKGX010) Find a printed copy of A Tear and A Smile by Kahlil Gibran at AbeBooks
OKGX014 Thoughts and Meditations
  Among the Ruins
  Ashes of the Ages and Eternal Fire
  At the Door of the Temple
  Communion of Spirits
  Decayed Teeth
  The Giants
  A Glance at the Future
  The Goddess of Fantasy
  History and the Nation
  In the Dark Night
  Mister Gabber
  My Soul Preached to Me
  Narcotics and Dissecting Knives
  O Night
  Out of Earth
  The Poet from Baalbek
  Poets and Poems
  The Return of the Beloved
  The Silver-Plated Turd
  The Sons of the Goddess And the Sons of the Monkeys
  The Speechless Animal
  A Story of a Friend
  Under the Sun
  Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
1903-1931 57 290k eBook Download PDF - 'Thoughts and Meditations' (OKGX014)   Download ePub - 'Thoughts and Meditations' (OKGX014) Find a printed copy of Thoughts and Meditations by Kahlil Gibran at AbeBooks
OKGX015 The Voice of the Master 1958 Posthumous 38 253k eBook Download PDF - 'The Voice of the Master' (OKGX015)   Download ePub - 'The Voice of the Master' (OKGX015) Find a printed copy of The Voice of the Master by Kahlil Gibran at AbeBooks
OKGX009 The Wanderer
  At the Fair
  Body and Soul
  Builders of Bridges
  The Curse
  The Dancer
  The Eagle and the Skylark
  The Exchange
  The Field of Zaad
  Finding God
  The Frogs
  The Full Moon
  God and Many Gods
  The Golden Belt
  The Hermit and the Beasts
  The Hermit Prophet
  The King
  Lady Ruth
  Laws and Law-giving
  The Lightning Flash
  Love and Hate
  The Love Song
  The Madman
  The Mouse and the Cat
  The Old, Old Wine
  The Other Wanderer
  The Path
  Peace and War
  Peace Contagious
  The Pearl
  The Philosopher and the Cobbler
  The Pomegranates
  The Prophet and the Child
  The Quest
  The Red Earth
  The River
  The Sceptre
  The Shadow
  She Who Was Deaf
  The Statue
  Tears and Laughter
  The Three Gifts
  The Two Guardian Angels
  The Two Hunters
  The Two Poems
  The Two Princesses
  Upon the Sand
  The Wanderer
  The Whale and the Butterfly
  Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
1932 (Posthumous) 54 246k eBook Download PDF - 'The Wanderer' (OKGX009)   Download ePub - 'The Wanderer' (OKGX009) Find a printed copy of The Wanderer by Kahlil Gibran at AbeBooks

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