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Ogden Nash

a.k.a. Frederick Ogden Nash

Author Code: AFON

Born: Aug. 19, 1902 - Rye, New York, USA

Died: May 19, 1971 - Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Educated at Harvard University, Nash dropped out of school after one year. Being an earlier graduate, he taught at St. George's School in Rhode Island for a year before returning to New York. He initially had an unsuccessful job as a bond salesman, but moved on to writing and became an editor of Doubleday Publishing. While there, he submitted some light verse to The New Yorker. Proving popular, he worked for them for a short time in 1931. That year, he also got married to Frances Leonard and published his first book of verse, Hard Lines. In 1934, the couple moved to Baltimore which became his home until his death. Over the next thirty years, his verse was the most popular in the U.S. and even serious anthologies of poetry would include his work. He was also the lyricist of the Broadway musical One Touch of Venus. Nash appeared on the 2002 US stamp. He was a master of the mis-spelled rhyme and humorous verse. His works include I'm a Stranger Here Myself (1938), Good Intentions (1942), Versus (1949), Private Dining Room (1952), You Can't Get There From Here (1957), Marriage Lines (1964), Bed Riddance (1969) and The Old Dog Barks Backwards (1972 Posthumous).

eBook Code Title/Sub-Title Pub. Yr Pages File Size Type Download Format Find Printed Copy
AFON002 Fresh Out of Tonsils 1932 5 154k eBook Download PDF - 'Fresh Out of Tonsils' (AFON002)   Download ePub - 'Fresh Out of Tonsils' (AFON002) Find a printed copy of Fresh Out of Tonsils by Ogden Nash at AbeBooks
AFON001 The Other Mind Reader 1947 3 164k eBook Download PDF - 'The Other Mind Reader' (AFON001)   Download ePub - 'The Other Mind Reader' (AFON001) Find a printed copy of The Other Mind Reader by Ogden Nash at AbeBooks
AFON003 Versus
  Always Marry An April Girl
  Any Millenniums Today, Lady?
  The Asp
  The Banker's Special
  The Blissful Dream of Mr. Farr
  The Cherub
  Compliments of A Friend
  Confession to Be Traced on A Birthday Cake
  Confound You, December Twenty-sixth, I Apologize
  Consider the Lapel, Sir
  Cousin Euphemia Knows Best Or Physician, Heal Somebody Else
  The Cup and the Lip
  Don't Look Now, But Your Noblesse Oblige is Showing
  Epitaph for An Explorer
  The Eternal Vernal Or in All My Dreams My Fair Face Beams
  Fifth Limick
  First Child . . . Second Child
  First Limick
  For A Good Dog
  Fourth Limick
  Good Riddance, But Now What?
  Grin and Bear Left
  The Guppy
  Have You Tried Staying Awake? Or Theyll Find A Way to Stop That, Too
  He Digs, He Dug, He Has Dug
  Here Usually Comes the Bride
  How Do You Say Ha-ha in French?
  How the Rhinoceros Got its Hide Or the Confessions of Count Mowgli De Sade
  The Hunter
  I Am Full of Previous Experience
  I Do, I Will, I Have
  I Must Tell You About My Novel
  I Spy
  I Will Arise and Go Now
  If Anything Should Arise, it Isn't I
  If He Scholars, Let Him Go
  I'll Gladly Pull Over to the Curb
  I'll Take the High Road Commission
  Is this Seat Taken? Yes Or My Neck is Sticking In
  Is Tomorrow Really Another Day? Or No More of the Same, Please
  It Looks Like Snow Or My Life in Galoshes
  Lay That Pumpkin Down
  Let's Not Climb the Washington Monument Tonight
  Lines to Be Embroidered on A Bib Or the Child is Father of the Man, But Not for Quite A While
  Line-up for Yesterday: An ABC of Baseball Immortals
  The Lion
  Listen to the Linotype
  Martha's Vineyard
  The Middle
  Mrs. Purvis Dreads Room Service Or Mr. Purvis Dreads It, Too
  Nature Abhors A Vacancy
  Not Even for Brunch
  Oh Shucks, Ma'am, I Mean Excuse Me
  On Waking to the Third Rainy Morning of A Long Week End
  Others in the Cast Include
  The Outcome of Mr. Buck's Superstition
  The Outcome of Mr. Macleod's Gratitude
  Pappy Wants A Poppy
  The People Upstairs
  The Perfect Husband
  Piano Tuner, Untune Me That Tune
  Polterguest, My Polterguest
  The Porcupine
  Possessions Are Nine Points of Conversation
  A Posy for Edmund Clerihew Bentley
  Quick, Hammacher, My Stomacher!
  Roll On, Thou Deep and Dark Blue Copy Writer Roll!
  The Sea Gull and the Ea-Gull
  Second Limick
  The Second Month It's Not Itemized
  September is Summer, Too Or It's Never Too Late to Be Uncomfortable
  Soliloquy in Circles
  The Spinster Detective
  Spring Comes to Baltimore Or Christmas Comes More Promptly
  Stag Night, Paleolithic
  The Strange Case of Mr. Palliser's Palate
  The Strange Case of the Entomologist's Heart
  The Strange Case of the Renegade Lyric Writer
  Tableau At Twilight
  Tarkington, Thou Should'st Be Living in this Hour
  Thar She Blows
  There Are More Ways to Roast A Pig Than Burning the House Down or You Can Always Stick Your Head in A Volcano
  There Were Giants in Those Days Or Maybe There Weren't
  There's Nothing Like Instinct. Fortunately
  Third Limick
  Thoughts Thought After A Bridge Party
  Trick Or Trek
  Two Dogs Have I
  Very Funny, Very Funny
  We Would Refer You to Our Service Department, If We Had One
  We'll All Feel Better by Wednesday
  What I Know About Life
  What to Do Until the Doctor Goes Or It's Tomorrow Than You Think
  Who Called That Robin A Piccolo Player?
  Who Did Which? Or Who Indeed?
  Who Taught Caddies to Count? Or A Burnt Golfer Fears the Child
  Will You Have Your Tedium Rare Or Medium?
  A Word About Winter
  You Bet Travel is Broadening
1949 110 305k eBook Download PDF - 'Versus' (AFON003)   Download ePub - 'Versus' (AFON003) Find a printed copy of Versus by Ogden Nash at AbeBooks

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