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Henry Lawson

a.k.a. Henry Archibald Lawson

Author Code: OHLX

Born: Jun. 17, 1867 - Grenfell, Australia

Died: Sep. 22, 1922 - Abbotsford, Australia

Lawson was the son of a Norwegian sailor-turned gold-miner who settled in Australia. Lawson left school at 14 to help his father as a builder, and in 1884 moved to Sydney where some of his first verses and short stories were published. He travelled extensively through Australia working at a variety of jobs where he acquired his experiences that were to show through in his stories. His main works include In The Days When the World Was Wide and Other Verses (1896), When the Billy Boils (1896), On The Track and Over the Sliprails (1900), Joe Wilson and His Mates (1901) and Triangles of Life and Other Stories (1913).

eBook Code Title/Sub-Title Pub. Yr Pages File Size Type Download Format Find Printed Copy
OHLX006 For Australia
  Above Crow's Nest (Sydney)
  And What Have You to Say
  Australia's Peril - the Warning
  The Bard of Furthest Out
  The Bards Who Lived at Manly
  Before We Were Married
  The Bush Beyond the Range
  Bush Hay
  The Cab Lamps
  Cypher Seven
  A Dan Yell
  The Day Before I Die
  The Empty Glass
  Every Man Should Have a Rifle
  The Federal City
  For All the Land to See
  "For Australia"
  For He Was a Jolly Good Fellow
  Freedom on the Wallaby
  The Gathering of the Brown-Eyed
  Give Yourself a Show
  Hannah Thomburn
  I'm an Older Man than You
  In Possum Land
  In the Height of Fashion
  To Jack
  Johnson's Wonder
  Keeping His First Wife Now
  The Lily of St Leonards
  The Little Native Rose
  Macleay Street and Red Rock Lane
  The Motor Car
  The Muscovy Duck
  My Father-in-law and I
  My Wife's Second Husband
  Our Mistress and Our Queen
  The Peace Maker
  The Prime of Life
  The Rush to London
  The Separated Women
  Since the Cities Are the Cities
  The Sorrows of a Simple Bard
  The Soul of a Poet
  The Spirits for Good
  The Spirits of Our Fathers
  The Stranded Ship
  Take it Fightin'
  That Great Waiting Silence
  Till All the Bad Things Came Untrue
  To Be Amused
  To Show What a Man Can Do
  To Victor Daly
  The Wantaritencant
  What Have We All Forgotten?
  When Hopes Ran High
  When Your Sins Come Home to Roost
  Who'll Wear the Beaten Colours?
  A Word from the Bards
1913 94 286k eBook Download PDF - 'For Australia' (OHLX006) Find a printed copy of For Australia by Henry Lawson at AbeBooks
OHLX005 In the Dawn When the World Was Wide & Other Verses
  After All
  Andy's Gone With Cattle
  Australian Bards and Bush Reviewers
  The Ballad of the Drover
  Ben Duggan
  The Blue Mountains
  The Cambaroora Star
  Cameron's Heart
  Cherry-Tree Inn
  The City Bushman
  Corny Bill
  Dan, the Wreck
  The Drover's Sweetheart
  Faces in the Street
  The Fire at Ross's Farm
  The Free-Selector's Daughter
  The Ghost
  The Glass on the Bar
  The Great Grey Plain
  In the Dawn When the World Was Wide
  Jack Dunn of Nevertire
  Knocked Up
  Marshall's Mate
  Middleton's Rouseabout
  Mount Bukaroo
  To an Old Mate
  Out Back
  Past Carin'
  Peter Anderson and Co.
  The Poets of the Tomb
  A Prouder Man Than You
  The Roaring Days
  'Sez You'
  The Shame of Going Back
  The Shanty on the Rise
  Since Then
  The Sliprails and the Spur
  The Song and the Sigh
  The Song of Old Joe Swallow
  The Star of Australasia
  Taking His Chance
  The Teams
  Trooper Campbell
  Up the Country
  The Vagabond
  When the 'Army' Prays for Watty
  When the Children Come Home
  The Wreck of the 'Derry Castle'
1900 89 362k eBook Download PDF - 'In the Dawn When the World Was Wide & Other Verses' (OHLX005) Find a printed copy of In the Dawn When the World Was Wide & Other Verses by Henry Lawson at AbeBooks
OHLX001 Joe Wilson and His Mates 1901 142 1187k eBook Download PDF - 'Joe Wilson and His Mates' (OHLX001) Find a printed copy of Joe Wilson and His Mates by Henry Lawson at AbeBooks
OHLX002 On The Track
  Andy Page's Rival
  Bill, The Ventriloquial Rooster
  Bush Cats
  How Steelman Told His Story
  The Iron-Bark Chip
  Meeting Old Mates
  Middleton's Peter
  Mitchell on Matrimony
  Mitchell on Women
  Mitchell's Jobs
  Mr. Smellingscheck
  The Mystery of Dave Regan
  No Place For a Woman
  An Oversight of Steelman's
  Payable Gold
  A Rough Shed
  The Songs They Used to Sing
  Two Larrikins
  A Vision of Sandy Blight
1900 76 821k eBook Download PDF - 'On The Track' (OHLX002) Find a printed copy of On The Track by Henry Lawson at AbeBooks
OHLX003 Over the Sliprails
  Black Joe
  A Case for the Oracle
  The Darling River
  A Daughter of Maoriland
  A Gentleman Sharper and Steelman Sharper
  The Hero of Redclay
  An Incident at Stiffner's
  The Master's Mistake
  Mitchell on the "Sex" and Other "Problems"
  New Year's Night
  The Story of the Oracle
  Seeing the Last of You
  The Selector's Daughter
  The Shanty-Keeper's Wife
  They Wait on the Wharf in Black
  Two Boys at Grinder Brothers'
1900 78 424k eBook Download PDF - 'Over the Sliprails' (OHLX003) Find a printed copy of Over the Sliprails by Henry Lawson at AbeBooks
OHLX009 The Romance of the Swag
  "Barney, Take Me Home Again"
  "Buckolts' Gate"
  The Bush-fire
  A Droving Yarn
  Gettin' Back on Dave Regan
  The Ghosts of Many Christmases
  His Brother's Keeper
  The House That Was Never Built
  The Romance of the Swag
  "Shall We Gather At the River?"
  The Story of "Gentleman Once"
1907 78 382k eBook Download PDF - 'The Romance of the Swag' (OHLX009) Find a printed copy of The Romance of the Swag by Henry Lawson at AbeBooks
OHLX008 Send Round the Hat
  The Blindness of One-eyed Bogan
  The Boozers' Home
  A Bush Publican's Lament
  "Lord Douglas"
  The Lost Souls' Hotel
  On the Tucker Track
  Send Round the Hat
  The Sex Problem Again
  The Shearer's Dream
  A Sketch of Mateship
  That Pretty Girl in the Army
  Two Sundowners
1907 66 330k eBook Download PDF - 'Send Round the Hat' (OHLX008) Find a printed copy of Send Round the Hat by Henry Lawson at AbeBooks
OHLX004 While the Billy Boils
  Across the Straits
  Another of Mitchell's Plans for the Future
  For Auld Lang Syne
  Baldy Thompson
  Board and Residence
  Bogg of Geebung
  "Brummy Usen"
  The Bush Undertaker
  A Camp-Fire Yarn
  Coming Across
  A Day on A Selection
  "Dossing Out" and "Camping"
  Drifted Back
  The Drover's Wife
  In A Dry Season
  An Echo From the Old Bark School
  Enter Mitchell
  The Geological Spieler
  Going Blind
  He'd Come Back
  His Colonial Oath
  His Country - After All
  His Father's Mate
  Jones's Alley
  Macquarie's Mate
  The Story of Malachi
  The Man Who Forgot
  An Old Mate of Your Father's
  Mitchell Doesn't Believe in the Sack
  Mitchell: A Character Sketch
  On the Edge of A Plain
  Our Pipes
  Settling on the Land
  She Wouldn't Speak
  The Shearing of the Cook's Dog
  Shooting the Moon
  "Some Day"
  Steelman's Pupil
  Stiffner and Jim (Thirdly, Bill)
  That There Dog O' Mine
  Two Dogs and A Fence
  An Unfinished Love Story
  The Union Buries Its Dead
  A Visit of Condolence
  In A Wet Season
  When the Sun Went Down
1896 156 668k eBook Download PDF - 'While the Billy Boils' (OHLX004) Find a printed copy of While the Billy Boils by Henry Lawson at AbeBooks

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