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Thomas Hardy

Author Code: ETHX

Born: Jun. 2, 1840 - Upper Brockhampton, Dorchester, England

Died: Jan. 11, 1928 - Dorchester, Dorset, England

Hardy practiced architecture in his early days before turning to a career of writing. He published his first work of poetry in 1862 and his first novel, Desperate Remedies, in 1871. His very popular, Far From the Madding Crowd, was published in 1874 and gave him the success he needed to make writing his full-time career. Among his most famous works are The Return of the Native (1878), The Trumpet Major (1880), The Mayor of Casterbridge (1886), The Woodlanders (1887), Wessex Tales (1888), Tess of the D'Urbevilles (1891), The Well-Beloved (1892) and Jude the Obscure (1896). Between 1903 and 1908, Hardy published a three-volume epic drama of the Napoleonic Wars entitled The Dynasts. Hardy was also a poet of renown.

eBook Code Title/Sub-Title Pub. Yr Pages File Size Type Download Format Find Printed Copy
ETHX020 A Changed Man & Other Tales
  Alicia's Diary
  A Changed Man
  A Committee-man of 'The Terror'
  The Duke's Reappearance - A Family Tradition
  Enter A Dragoon
  The Grave by the Handpost
  Master John Horseleigh, Knight
  A Mere Interlude
  A Tryst At An Ancient Earth Work
  The Waiting Supper
  What the Shepherd Saw: A Tale of Four Moonlight Nights
1913 160 736k eBook Download PDF - 'A Changed Man & Other Tales' (ETHX020) Find a printed copy of A Changed Man & Other Tales by Thomas Hardy at AbeBooks
ETHX018 Desperate Remedies 1871 290 1139k eBook Download PDF - 'Desperate Remedies' (ETHX018) Find a printed copy of Desperate Remedies by Thomas Hardy at AbeBooks
ETHX002 Far From the Madding Crowd 1895 305 1448k eBook Download PDF - 'Far From the Madding Crowd' (ETHX002) Find a printed copy of Far From the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy at AbeBooks
ETHX011 A Group of Noble Dames 1891 106 847k eBook Download PDF - 'A Group of Noble Dames' (ETHX011) Find a printed copy of A Group of Noble Dames by Thomas Hardy at AbeBooks
ETHX015 The Hand of Ethelberta 1895 259 1082k eBook Download PDF - 'The Hand of Ethelberta' (ETHX015) Find a printed copy of The Hand of Ethelberta by Thomas Hardy at AbeBooks
ETHX006 Jude The Obscure 1896 272 1951k eBook Download PDF - 'Jude The Obscure' (ETHX006) Find a printed copy of Jude The Obscure by Thomas Hardy at AbeBooks
ETHX014 A Laodicean: A Story of To-day 1896 259 1585k eBook Download PDF - 'A Laodicean: A Story of To-day' (ETHX014) Find a printed copy of A Laodicean: A Story of To-day by Thomas Hardy at AbeBooks
ETHX012 Life's Little Ironies & A Few Crusted Characters
  For Conscience' Sake
  A Few Crusted Characters
  The Fiddler of the Reels
  The Melancholy Hussar of the German Legion
  To Please His Wife
  The Son's Veto
  Tradition of Eighteen Hundred and Four
  A Tragedy of Two Ambitions
  On The Western Circuit
1882-1893 134 961k eBook Download PDF - 'Life's Little Ironies & A Few Crusted Characters' (ETHX012) Find a printed copy of Life's Little Ironies & A Few Crusted Characters by Thomas Hardy at AbeBooks
ETHX003 The Mayor of Casterbridge 1886 206 1362k eBook Download PDF - 'The Mayor of Casterbridge' (ETHX003) Find a printed copy of The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy at AbeBooks
ETHX010 The Romantic Adventures of a Milkmaid 1883 63 489k eBook Download PDF - 'The Romantic Adventures of a Milkmaid' (ETHX010) Find a printed copy of The Romantic Adventures of a Milkmaid by Thomas Hardy at AbeBooks
ETHX022 Moments of Vision & Miscellaneous Verse
  Afternoon Service At Mellstock
  The Ageing House
  An Anniversary
  The Announcement
  Apostrophe to An Old Psalm Tune
  An Appeal to America on Behalf of the Belgian Destitute
  At the Word 'Farewell'
  The Background and the Figure
  A Backward Spring
  The Ballet
  Before Knowledge
  Before Marching and After
  On the Belgian Expatriation
  The Blinded Bird
  The Blow
  The Caged Goldfinch
  A Call to National Service
  The Change
  The Chimes
  The Choirmaster's Burial
  The Clock of the Years
  The Clock-Winder
  The Coming of the End
  Copying Architecture in An Old Minster
  At A Country Fair
  Cry of the Homeless After the Prussian Invasion of Belgium
  The Dead and the Living One
  The Dolls
  On the Doorstep
  The Duel
  During Wind and Rain
  The Enemy's Portrait
  England to Germany in 1914
  Everything Comes
  The Faded Face
  The Figure in the Scene
  First Sight of Her and After
  The Five Students
  "For Life I Had Never Cared Greatly"
  In the Garden
  The Glimpse
  Great Things
  He Fears His Good Fortune
  He Prefers Her Earthly
  He Revisits His First School
  He Wonders About Himself
  The Head Above the Fog
  On A Heath
  Her Love-Birds
  In Her Precincts
  His Country
  Honeymoon Time At An Inn
  The House of Silence
  "I Looked Up From My Writing"
  "I Met A Man"
  "I Rose and Went to Rou'tor Town"
  "I Said and Sang Her Excellence"
  "I Thought, My Heart"
  "I Travel As A Phantom Now"
  The Interloper
  "It Never Looks Like Summer"
  A January Night
  Joys of Memory
  A Kiss
  The Last Performance
  The Last Signal - A Memory of William Barnes
  Life Laughs Onward
  Lines to A Movement in Mozart's E-flat Symphony
  Logs on the Hearth
  Looking Across
  Looking At A Picture on An Anniversary
  Love the Monopolist
  At Madame Tussaud's in Victorian Years
  The Man Who Forgot
  The Man with A Past
  The Masked Face
  At Mayfair Lodgings
  The Memorial Brass: 186-
  "Men Who March Away"
  A Merrymaking in Question
  At Middle-Field Gate in February
  Midnight on the Great Western
  On A Midsummer Eve
  Molly Gone
  Moments of Vision
  To the Moon
  In A Museum
  The Musical Box
  To My Father's Violin
  Near Lanivet, 1872
  The Nettles
  A New Year's Eve in War Time
  The Occultation
  "Often When Warring"
  Old Excursions
  Old Furniture
  Overlooking the River Stour
  The Oxen
  Paths of Former Time
  Paying Calls
  The Peace-Offering
  The Pedestrian - An Incident of 1883
  The Pedigree
  The Photograph
  At the Piano
  The Pink Frock
  The Pity of it
  Quid Hic Agis?
  The Riddle
  The Rival
  The Robin
  Royal Sponsors
  "By the Runic Stone"
  At A Seaside Town in 1869
  "In the Seventies"
  The Shadow on the Stone
  To Shakespeare After Three Hundred Years
  She, I, and They
  Signs and Tokens
  Sitting on the Bridge
  "Something Tapped"
  The Something That Saved Him
  The Statue of Liberty
  On Sturminster Foot-bridge
  The Sunshade
  Then and Now
  This Heart A Woman's Dream
  A Thought in Two Moods
  In Time of 'The Breaking of Nations'
  In Time of Wars and Tumults
  Timing Her
  The Tree and the Lady
  The Tresses
  An Upbraiding
  The Upper Birch-Leaves
  The Voice of Things
  In A Waiting-room
  "We Sat At the Window"
  Where They Lived
  While Drawing in A Church-yard
  In A Whispering Gallery
  "Who's in the Next Room?"
  "Why Be At Pains?"
  "Why Did I Sketch"
  At the Wicket-Gate
  "The Wind Blew Words"
  The Wind's Prophecy
  The Wound
  "You on the Tower"
  "You Were the Sort That Men Forget"
  The Young Churchwarden
  The Young Glass-Stainer
  The Youth Who Carried A Light
1917 171 484k eBook Download PDF - 'Moments of Vision & Miscellaneous Verse' (ETHX022) Find a printed copy of Moments of Vision & Miscellaneous Verse by Thomas Hardy at AbeBooks
ETHX016 A Pair of Blue Eyes 1899 252 1030k eBook Download PDF - 'A Pair of Blue Eyes' (ETHX016) Find a printed copy of A Pair of Blue Eyes by Thomas Hardy at AbeBooks
ETHX025 Poems of the Past and Present
  After Schiller
  Architectural Masks
  At A Hasty Wedding
  At A Lunar Eclipse
  An August Midnight
  The Bedridden Peasant
  "Between Us Now"
  Birds At Winter Nightfall
  The Bridge of Lodi
  A Broken Appointment
  The Bullfinches
  By the Earth's Corpse
  The Caged Thrush Freed and Home Again
  Cardinal Bembo's Epitaph on Raphael
  Catullus: XXXI
  The Church-Builder
  The Comet At Yalbury Or Yell'ham
  A Commonplace Day
  The Coquette, and After
  The Dame of Athelhall
  The Darkling Thrush
  De Profundis - I
  De Profundis - II
  De Profundis - III
  Doom and She
  The Dream-Follower
  On A Fine Morning
  To Flowers From Italy in Winter
  From Victor Hugo
  Genoa and the Mediterranean
  Her Late Husband
  Her Reproach
  His Immortality
  "How Great My Grief"
  "I Have Lived with Shades"
  "I Need Not Go"
  "I Said to Love"
  The Inconsistent
  On An Invitation to the United States
  The King's Experiment
  The Lacking Sense
  The Last Chrysanthemum
  Lausanne: In Gibbon's Old Garden
  The Levelled Churchyard
  To Life
  To Lizbie Browne
  Long Have I Framed Weak Phantasies of Thee
  Long Plighted
  The Lost Pyx
  Mad Judy
  A Man
  Memory and I
  The Milkmaid
  The Mother Mourns
  Mute Opinion
  In the Old Theatre, Fiesole
  The Problem
  The Puzzled Game-Birds
  The Respectable Burgher on "The Higher Criticism"
  Rome: At the Pyramid of Cestius
  Rome: Building A New Street in the Ancient Quarter
  Rome: On the Palatine
  Rome: The Vatican - sala Delle Muse
  The Ruined Maid
  Sapphic Fragment
  The Seasons of Her Year
  The Self-Unseeing
  Shelley's Skylark
  The Sleep-Worker
  Song From Heine
  Song of Hope
  A Spot
  The Subalterns
  The Superseded
  The Supplanter
  The Tenant-for-Life
  Tess's Lament
  The To-Be-Forgotten
  The Tree
  To An Unborn Pauper Child
  V.R. 1819-1901
  A Wasted Illness
  The Well-beloved
  The Widow
  Winter in Durnover Field
  Wives in the Sere
  Zermatt: To the Matterhorn
1901 110 364k eBook Download PDF - 'Poems of the Past and Present' (ETHX025) Find a printed copy of Poems of the Past and Present by Thomas Hardy at AbeBooks
ETHX004 Return of the Native 1878 259 1587k eBook Download PDF - 'Return of the Native' (ETHX004) Find a printed copy of Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy at AbeBooks
ETHX019 Satires of Circumstance With Other Pieces
  The Abbey Mason
  After A Journey
  After the Visit
  "Ah, Are You Digging on My Grave?"
  Aquae Sulis
  At Castle Boterel
  At Day-close in November
  Beeny Cliff
  Before and After Summer
  Bereft, She Thinks She Dreams
  Beyond the Last Lamp
  In the British Museum
  Channel Firing
  The Cheval-Glass
  A Circular
  The Convergence of the Twain
  A Conversation At Dawn
  The Coronation
  In the Days of Crinoline
  In Death Divided
  The Death of Regret
  A Death-Day Recalled
  The Difference
  The Discovery
  A Dream Or No
  The Elopement
  Exeunt Omnes
  The Face At the Casement
  The Ghost of the Past
  God's Funeral
  The Going
  Had You Wept
  The Haunter
  Her Secret
  His Visitor
  "I Found Her Out There"
  "I Rose Up As My Custom Is"
  In Front of the Landscape
  The Jubilee of A Magazine
  A King's Soliloquy on the Night of His Funeral
  Lost Love
  To Meet, Or Otherwise
  "Men Who March Away"
  The Moon Looks In
  The Moth-Signal
  "My Spirit Will Not Haunt the Mound"
  The Newcomer's Wife
  The Obliterate Tomb
  The Phantom Horsewoman
  The Place on the Map
  A Plaint to Man
  A Poet
  Rain on A Grave
  The Recalcitrants
  The Re-enactment
  "Regret Not Me"
  The Roman Gravemounds
  The Sacrilege
  The Satin Shoes
  Satires of Circumstances - in Fifteen Glimpses
  The Schreckhorn
  Seen by the Waits
  In the Servants' Quarters
  Seventy-four and Twenty
  "She Charged Me"
  A Singer Asleep
  Spectres That Grieve
  The Spell of the Rose
  St. Launce's Revisited
  Starlings on the Roof
  The Sun on the Bookcase
  The Sweet Hussy
  The Telegram
  A Thunderstorm in Town
  The Torn Letter
  The Two Soldiers
  Under the Waterfall
  The Voice
  The Walk
  A Week
  Wessex Heights
  "When I Set Out for Lyonnesse"
  Where the Picnic Was
  The Wistful Lady
  Without Ceremony
  The Woman in the Rye
  The Workbox
  The Year's Awakening
  Your Last Drive
1914 130 414k eBook Download PDF - 'Satires of Circumstance With Other Pieces' (ETHX019) Find a printed copy of Satires of Circumstance With Other Pieces by Thomas Hardy at AbeBooks
ETHX001 Tess of the d'Urbevilles 1891 312 1681k eBook Download PDF - 'Tess of the d'Urbevilles' (ETHX001) Find a printed copy of Tess of the d'Urbevilles by Thomas Hardy at AbeBooks
ETHX024 Time's Laughingstocks & Other Verse
  To An Actress
  After the Last Breath
  At Casterbridge Fair
  At Waking
  Autumn in King's Hintock Park
  Before Life and After
  By the Barrows
  To Carrey Clavel
  In A Cathedral City
  In Childbed
  The Christening
  A Church Romance
  The Conformers
  The Curate's Kindness
  The Dark-eyed Gentleman
  The Dawn After the Dance
  The Dead Man Walking
  The Dead Quire
  The Dear
  On the Departure Platform
  The Division
  A Dream Question
  The End of the Episode
  The Farm-woman's Winter
  The Fiddler
  The Flirt's Tragedy
  Four Footprints
  From Her in the Country
  Geographical Knowledge
  George Meredith
  God's Education
  He Abjures Love
  Her Confession
  Her Definition
  Her Father
  The Homecoming
  The House of Hospitalities
  The Husband's View
  "I Say I'll Seek Her"
  To An Impersonator of Rosalind
  "In the Night She Came"
  John and Jane
  Let Me Enjoy
  The Man He Killed
  In the Mind's Eye
  The Minute Before Meeting
  New Year's Eve
  News for Her Mother
  Night in the Old Home
  The Night of the Dance
  The Noble Lady's Tale
  One Ralph Blossom Soliloquizes
  One We Knew
  The Orphaned Old Maid
  The Pine Planters
  The Rambler
  The Rash Bride
  The Rejected Member's Wife
  The Reminder
  Reminiscences of A Dancing Man
  The Revisitation
  The Roman Road
  She Hears the Storm
  Shut Out That Moon
  The Sigh
  To Sincerity
  The Spring Call
  The Sun on the Letter
  A Sunday Morning Tragedy
  A Trampwoman's Tragedy
  The Two Rosalinds
  The Unborn
  The Vampirine Fair
  In the Vaulted Way
  The Voice of the Thorn
  Wagtail and Baby
  A Wet Night
  A Wife and Another
  Yell'ham-wood's Story
  A Young Man's Epigram on Existence
1909 122 410k eBook Download PDF - 'Time's Laughingstocks & Other Verse' (ETHX024) Find a printed copy of Time's Laughingstocks & Other Verse by Thomas Hardy at AbeBooks
ETHX007 The Trumpet-Major 1880 206 1567k eBook Download PDF - 'The Trumpet-Major' (ETHX007) Find a printed copy of The Trumpet-Major by Thomas Hardy at AbeBooks
ETHX013 Two On a Tower 1895 171 1139k eBook Download PDF - 'Two On a Tower' (ETHX013) Find a printed copy of Two On a Tower by Thomas Hardy at AbeBooks
ETHX017 Under The Greenwood Tree 1872 116 535k eBook Download PDF - 'Under The Greenwood Tree' (ETHX017) Find a printed copy of Under The Greenwood Tree by Thomas Hardy at AbeBooks
ETHX023 War Poems
  At the War Office, London
  A Christmas Ghost-story
  The Colonel's Soliloquy
  The Dead Drummer
  The Going of the Battery - Wives' Lament
  The Sick God
  Song of the Soldiers' Wives
  The Souls of the Slain
  A Wife in London
1899 15 158k eBook Download PDF - 'War Poems' (ETHX023) Find a printed copy of War Poems by Thomas Hardy at AbeBooks
ETHX009 The Well-Beloved 1892 115 810k eBook Download PDF - 'The Well-Beloved' (ETHX009) Find a printed copy of The Well-Beloved by Thomas Hardy at AbeBooks
ETHX021 Wessex Poems and Other Verses
  The Alarm
  At A Bridal
  The Burghers
  The Casterbridge Captains
  A Confession to A Friend in Trouble
  The Dance At the Phoenix
  In A Eweleaze Near Weatherbury
  The Fire At Tranter Sweatley's
  Friends Beyond
  Heiress and Architect
  Her Death and After
  Her Dilemma
  Her Immortality
  Her Initials
  "I Look Into My Glass"
  The Impercipient
  At An Inn
  The Ivy-wife
  To A Lady Offended by A Book of the Writer's
  A Meeting with Despair
  Middle-age Enthusiasms
  My Cicely
  Nature's Questioning
  Neutral Tones
  To An Orphan Child
  To Outer Nature
  The Peasant's Confession
  San Sebastian
  The Sergeant's Song
  She At His Funeral
  She, to Him - I
  She, to Him - II
  She, to Him - III
  She, to Him - IV
  A Sign-seeker
  The Slow Nature
  The Stranger's Song
  The Temporary the All
  Thoughts of Phena At News of Her Death
  The Two Men
  "In Vision I Roamed"
  In A Wood
1898 80 325k eBook Download PDF - 'Wessex Poems and Other Verses' (ETHX021) Find a printed copy of Wessex Poems and Other Verses by Thomas Hardy at AbeBooks
ETHX008 Wessex Tales
  The Distracted Preacher
  An Imaginative Woman
  Interlopers at the Knap
  The Three Strangers
  The Withered Arm
1896 144 1307k eBook Download PDF - 'Wessex Tales' (ETHX008) Find a printed copy of Wessex Tales by Thomas Hardy at AbeBooks
ETHX005 The Woodlanders 1887 231 1592k eBook Download PDF - 'The Woodlanders' (ETHX005) Find a printed copy of The Woodlanders by Thomas Hardy at AbeBooks

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