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Sapper *

a.k.a. Herman Cyril McNeile, H.C. McNeile

Author Code: ESAP

Born: Sep. 28, 1888 - Bodmin, Cornwall, England

Died: Aug. 14, 1937 - West Chiltington, Sussex, England

Educated at Cheltenham College and the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich, McNeile entered military service with the Royal Engineers in 1907. During the First World War he saw action in France and took part in the battles at Ypres. He received the Military Cross for bravery and rose to the rank of lieutenant-colonel before his retirement in 1919. He began contributing short stories to the Strand and the Daily Mail under the pseudonym of Sapper during the War and his work proved very popular. After retiring from the army, he embarked on a literary career that was extremely successful and made him one of the most popular writers of the interwar period. In 1920, he published The Adventures of a Demobilized Officer Who Found Peace Dull introducing the character of Bulldog Drummond, which subsequently replaced the rather extended title. The Drummond character was very popular and was made into films in the 1930'3 and 1940's. Sapper produced ten Bulldog Drummond works in all and countless short stories. These works include The Lieutenant and Others (1915), No Man's Land (1917), The Man in Ratcatcher (1921), The Dinner Club (1923), Out of the Blue (1925), The Final Count (1927), The Female of the Species (1928), The Finger of Fate (1930), The Island of Terror (1931), The Return of Bull-Dog Drummond (1932), When Caruthers Laughed (1934) and Challenge (1937).

eBook Code Title/Sub-Title Pub. Yr Pages File Size Type Download Format Find Printed Copy
ESAP006 The Black Gang 1922 128 704k eBook Download PDF - 'The Black Gang' (ESAP006) Find a printed copy of The Black Gang by  Sapper * at AbeBooks
ESAP002 Bulldog Drummond 1920 148 775k eBook Download PDF - 'Bulldog Drummond' (ESAP002) Find a printed copy of Bulldog Drummond by  Sapper * at AbeBooks
ESAP013 Bulldog Drummond at Bay 1935 146 676k eBook Download PDF - 'Bulldog Drummond at Bay' (ESAP013) Find a printed copy of Bulldog Drummond at Bay by  Sapper * at AbeBooks
ESAP020 Challenge 1937 172 705k eBook Download PDF - 'Challenge' (ESAP020) Find a printed copy of Challenge by  Sapper * at AbeBooks
ESAP015 The Female of the Species 1928 144 661k eBook Download PDF - 'The Female of the Species' (ESAP015) Find a printed copy of The Female of the Species by  Sapper * at AbeBooks
ESAP001 The Final Count 1927 135 709k eBook Download PDF - 'The Final Count' (ESAP001) Find a printed copy of The Final Count by  Sapper * at AbeBooks
ESAP012 The Finger of Fate
  The Black Monk
  The Diamond Hair-slide
  Fer De Lance
  The Finger of Fate
  The Green Death
  The Hidden Witness
  A Hopeless Case
  The Idol's Eye
  A Question of Identity
  A Question of Mud
  That Bullet Hole Has a History
  The Two-way Switch
  The Undoing of Mrs. Cransby
  Will You Walk into My Parlour?
1930 157 766k eBook Download PDF - 'The Finger of Fate' (ESAP012) Find a printed copy of The Finger of Fate by  Sapper * at AbeBooks
ESAP021 The Island of Terror [Illustrated] 1931 132 781k eBook Download PDF - 'The Island of Terror [Illustrated]' (ESAP021)   Download ePub - 'The Island of Terror [Illustrated]' (ESAP021) Find a printed copy of The Island of Terror [Illustrated] by  Sapper * at AbeBooks
ESAP003 Jim Maitland 1923 132 697k eBook Download PDF - 'Jim Maitland' (ESAP003) Find a printed copy of Jim Maitland by  Sapper * at AbeBooks
ESAP019 Knock-Out 1933 137 626k eBook Download PDF - 'Knock-Out' (ESAP019) Find a printed copy of Knock-Out by  Sapper * at AbeBooks
ESAP023 The Lieutenant and Others
  The Aftermath
  The Black Sheep
  The Coward
  Driver Robert Brown
  Ebeneezer the Goat
  The End of "Wipers"
  James and the Land Mine
  The Lieutenant
  The Mine
  The Pepnotised Milk
  The Sixth Drunk
  Will You Take Over His Horse, Sir?
1915 53 401k eBook Download PDF - 'The Lieutenant and Others' (ESAP023)   Download ePub - 'The Lieutenant and Others' (ESAP023) Find a printed copy of The Lieutenant and Others by  Sapper * at AbeBooks
ESAP022 The Man in Ratcatcher & Other Stories
  An Arrow At A Venture
  Good Hunting, Old Chap
  The House by the Headland
  The Man in Ratcatcher
  The Man Who Would Not Play Cards
  The Man with His Hand in His Pocket
  A Matter of Routine
  A Payment on Account
  The Poser
  A Question of Personality
  The Real Test
  The Unbroken Line
1921 131 602k eBook Download PDF - 'The Man in Ratcatcher & Other Stories' (ESAP022)   Download ePub - 'The Man in Ratcatcher & Other Stories' (ESAP022) Find a printed copy of The Man in Ratcatcher & Other Stories by  Sapper * at AbeBooks
ESAP025 Men, Women and Guns 1916 108 470k eBook Download PDF - 'Men, Women and Guns' (ESAP025)   Download ePub - 'Men, Women and Guns' (ESAP025) Find a printed copy of Men, Women and Guns by  Sapper * at AbeBooks
ESAP010 Mufti 1919 131 726k eBook Download PDF - 'Mufti' (ESAP010) Find a printed copy of Mufti by  Sapper * at AbeBooks
ESAP007 No Man's Land 1917 123 727k eBook Download PDF - 'No Man's Land' (ESAP007) Find a printed copy of No Man's Land by  Sapper * at AbeBooks
ESAP016 A Point of Detail 1917 11 260k eBook Download PDF - 'A Point of Detail' (ESAP016) Find a printed copy of A Point of Detail by  Sapper * at AbeBooks
ESAP009 The Return of Bulldog Drummond 1932 138 689k eBook Download PDF - 'The Return of Bulldog Drummond' (ESAP009) Find a printed copy of The Return of Bulldog Drummond by  Sapper * at AbeBooks
ESAP005 Ronald Standish
  The Creaking Door
  The Empty House
  The Haunted Rectory
  The House with the Kennels
  The Man in Yellow
  A Matter of Tar
  The Missing Chauffeur
  Mystery of the Slip Coach
  The Second Dog
  The Third Message
  The Tidal River
1933 152 720k eBook Download PDF - 'Ronald Standish' (ESAP005) Find a printed copy of Ronald Standish by  Sapper * at AbeBooks
ESAP008 The Saving Clause
  Billie Finds the Answer
  Cynthia Delmorton's Mistake
  The Eleventh Hour
  The Horror at Staveley Grange
  The Impassive Footman
  Rout of the Oliver Samuelsons
  The Rubber Strap
  The Saving Clause
  Three of a Kind
1927 132 690k eBook Download PDF - 'The Saving Clause' (ESAP008) Find a printed copy of The Saving Clause by  Sapper * at AbeBooks
ESAP024 Shorty Bill 19*26 85 503k eBook Download PDF - 'Shorty Bill' (ESAP024)   Download ePub - 'Shorty Bill' (ESAP024) Find a printed copy of Shorty Bill by  Sapper * at AbeBooks
ESAP018 Temple Tower 1929 132 649k eBook Download PDF - 'Temple Tower' (ESAP018) Find a printed copy of Temple Tower by  Sapper * at AbeBooks
ESAP011 The Third Round 1924 132 711k eBook Download PDF - 'The Third Round' (ESAP011) Find a printed copy of The Third Round by  Sapper * at AbeBooks
ESAP014 Tiny Carteret 1930 139 656k eBook Download PDF - 'Tiny Carteret' (ESAP014) Find a printed copy of Tiny Carteret by  Sapper * at AbeBooks
ESAP026 Was It Murder? 1951 9 212k eBook Download PDF - 'Was It Murder?' (ESAP026)   Download ePub - 'Was It Murder?' (ESAP026) Find a printed copy of Was It Murder? by  Sapper * at AbeBooks
ESAP004 When Carruthers Laughed
  The Baronets of Mertonbridge Hall
  The Broken Record
  The Great Magor Diamond
  The Loyalty of Peter Drayton
  The Madness of Charles Tranter
  The Second Ride
  The Snake Farm
  A Student of the Obvious
  The Taming of Sydney Marsham
  Touch and Go
  When Carruthers Laughed
1934 112 620k eBook Download PDF - 'When Carruthers Laughed' (ESAP004) Find a printed copy of When Carruthers Laughed by  Sapper * at AbeBooks
ESAP017 Word of Honour
  The Haunting of Jack Burnham
  The King of Hearts
  A Matter of Voice
  The Message
  Mrs. Peter Skeffington's Revenge
  A Native Superstition
  The Other Side of the Wall
  The Professor's Christmas Party
  Two Photographs
  Word of Honour
1926 123 547k eBook Download PDF - 'Word of Honour' (ESAP017) Find a printed copy of Word of Honour by  Sapper * at AbeBooks

Note: An Asterisk (*) after an author´s name signifies that this is a Pseudonym

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