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Klaus G. Müller
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Dr. Klaus G. Müller has worked in a former incarnation as an investment banker in Dusseldorf, Paris, New York, Brussels, Luxemburg and Rome. During more than 300 business and private trips he fell victim to the travel bug. For many years he has been crossing the five continents. His experiences as a globetrotter led to the publication of the successful book "Den Urlaub ueberleben tausend wirklich brauchbare Reisetips" (Surviving your holiday a thousand useful travel tips, Beck publishing house of 1763, Munich - first edition sold out in seven months).

Having a Chinese heart, his latest book is a chat about the history of civilisation of the Middle Kingdom and about a charming collector's item: "A Pinch of China. Snuff Bottles - Mirror of the Chinese Soul", German and English in one volume, with many beautiful photographs of his collection (Boehlau Publishers, Vienna).

The author is just finishing a manuscript "Your Business Trip - Easy, Safe, Agreeable, Efficient". English translation will be available soon. This, more downloads and future books by the author together with some teasers and anecdotes can be found at:,

You can find German books by the author in, a new French paper edition and a print + ebook for the Nile Cruise in

Books By Klaus G. Müller
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Translation of the German book "Surviving your Holidays - a thousand travel tips" ("Den Urlaub ueberleben tausend Reisetips", Beck publishing house of 1763, Munich, 240 pages, first edition was sold out in 7 months, now out of print.

How do you protect your life and your possessions abroad? What to do in case of abductions, hotel fires, catastrophes on planes or ships? How to make your hotel room burglar-proof? How to behave in dangerous situations abroad, if corrupt or false policemen become importunate. How to find the safest seat in a plane, a bus, in the subway. Survival techniques in the jungle of big cities. The latest tricks of the international gangsters, bag-snatchers with razors, robbers, pickpockets in airports, trains, hotels, in the street, at ATMs? Safe hiding places for the war chest? Travel for women on their own, for senior citizens, for the disabled, with children, with pets, with your own vehicle. To all these questions and many more, this no-nonsense advisor gives an answer. A lot of knowledge for the whole beautiful wide world in one book!


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